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Who We Are ?

Our motto of considering the projects as a personal reflection of our client’s vision and personality has only pushed our results beyond their expectations. Through our unique and personalized approach, we have created experiences that set industry benchmarks in their respective domains. Our dedication and sincere approach have made us the most trusted partner for our clients. We aspire to attain the new epitomes in architecture and interior designs. Our constant and tireless efforts to each time improve in our initiatives has been our forte and we wish to dedicatedly pursue our mission and have the world dotted with the fragrance of our creation.

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Our Philosophy

To encourage the execution of development visual fluency as well as the acquisition of essential knowledge & skills in the elements & principles of design, CAD, interior space planning, sustainability, materials & finishes, lighting, surfaces & codes specific to both residential & non-residential.

Our Mission

To promote intellectual inquiry, creative expression and original executed work through a structured curriculum that balances theory and practice, the humanities, natural and social sciences, global awareness, and design history

Our Vision

To make sure every client is engage to our firm is getting best outcome of what they have invested in. Additionally, providing them impeccably gorgeous interior décor is something that we are proud of

Our Goal
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From Sketch to Life

What is 3D desing and how it work?

The term “3D design” refers to the process of creating a three-dimensional representation of an object using specialized software. This representation, called a 3D model, can convey an object’s size, shape and texture. You can create 3D models of existing items, as well as designs that have not yet been built in real life.

How interior design is cost?

Interior design cost as called BOQ (Bill of quantity) cost subject to design, material and craftsmanship.

How much time I will spend on planning?

Planning is depending on design theme, mood and scope of work, I must say generally I will spend one or two days for planning and design

Can I create custom design?

yes I can create custom design as per needs, life style, status and culture

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Meet Our Skilled Team

Manikesh ChoudharyM

Arch. Manikesh Choudhary Director & Principal Designer

Manikesh has over 10 years’ experience in Residential, Corporate, Hotel, Restaurant and Production design and fit-outs. Manikesh has won TOP 40 Best Designer Award in 2021 and Most Preferred Residential and Commercial Architects in Ahmedabad in 2020. He started career as an Architect Interior and went to work with leading architects company in the country, and currently holds the position of Director and Principal designer at, Bhaavya interiors llp.

He has worked on projects including but not limited to Hotels, Restaurants, Private Residences, Offices, Farmhouses and Set Designs across the nation. From the very beginning of his career, he has delivered many landmark projects. He always likes to add his personal touch to each customer, and valuable term relationships with all customers.

Ar. Manikesh always likes to add his personal touch to each customer, and values ling term relationships with all customers.
Manikesh strongly believes that every project should be designed contextually evolving spaces that are perceived in new ways. Each design takes cognizes of the climate and integrates sustainability in cohesive way. This ideology is reflected in the extensive work done by the firm in more than 1 decade since its inception.

Ar. Mankesh completed his B.Arch from the JD Institutes of Designs from Delhi in 2008. After graduation, he started career as an architect Interior and went to work with leading architects company in the country. Manikesh has won TOP 40 Best Designer Award in 2021 and Most Preferred Residential and Commercial Architects in Ahmedabad in 2020.
He is master of understanding clients requirements, their mindset, psychology, belifes and crafting an art which touches individually.

Shweta ChoudharyS

Shweta Choudhary Director

To me, good design realizes the potential of any space. It involves considered choices teamed with a sense of brabery. As a designer, I have a strong understanding of how interiors come together, from the architecture of a space to the furniture and soft furnishings that fill it. Colour palette, material choice and finishes are all equally important- each element is essential to creating one cohesive look that is both resolved and innovative. On a personal level, I have an immense appreciation for a range of design periods and styles. For me, spaces truly work when balance is created through contract. They should tell a story about the people who inhabit them

Vidhi Shah

Vidhi Shah

[Sr. Interior Designer ]
Mausam Prajapati

Mausam Prajapati

[ Interior Designer ]
Swapnil Panchal

Swapnil Panchal

[ Sr. 3D Designer ]
Alpesh Gajjar

Alpesh Gajjar

[ Facility Manager ]
Vikas Chauhan

Vikas Chauhan

[ Project Manager ]

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What People Say

"It was an absolute pleasure to work with the entire Bhaavya Interiors team. Their attention to detail and quality and their extremely professional work ethic are what stood out in their execution and made it very easy for us"
Mr. Sandeep Sharma
Orlikon Graziano, Sanand GIDC
"I hired Architect Manikesh Choudhary for my home, and it was wonderful experience with Manikesh and team, they design and made my home very beautiful"
Mr. Bharat Thakkar/Mr. Kiran Thakkar
"I hired Architect Manikesh Choudhary for my 2 BHK home, and it was wonderful experience with Manikesh and team, they made my dream home, did very innovative design and luxury"
Miss Chetna Shah
"Bhaavya Interiors team has done an excellent job. Execution of entire designing work as targeted. The kind of flexibility which was demonstrated in design, material selection was phenomenal. "we wish them all success and strongly recommend them in a future venture."
Mr. Anik Timbalia
Advocate, Gujarat High court
"I would like to thank the entire Bhaavya Interiors team for the excellent work done during my house renovation. Was really impressed with their working method. Given my personal experience, I would strongly recommend Bhaavya Interiors for future projects."
Mr. Parth Kothari/Mrs. Charmi Kothari
Abhishek Bungalow, Ahmedabad
"Thank you Bhaavya Interiors and Manikesh, you guys design phenomenal and quality workmanship, I am recommended for hire bhaavya interiors, very good designers and cost effective "
Mr. Bhailal Dudhat
"Bhaavya Interiors is great to work with. They demonstrate professionalism and integrity throughout the entire tenure of the project. "we wish you success in all your forthcoming work and strongly recommend you in the future."
Mr. Suraj Bhagchandani
Motera, Ahmedabad
"Thank you Manikesh and Bhaavya Interiors for design my home beautiful in under my budget."
Mr. Viral Shah
"It was a great experience to work with the entire Bhaavya Interiors team. Their concepts were very neat, clean and functional, and most of all, beautifully aesthetic and up to date. was really impressed with the design process and the customization to my needs."
Mr. Neeraj Tiwari
Hitech Human Capital Private Limited